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Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for Galaxy S8 uses a UV lamp with a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a total and perfect fit for your device. Featuring 9H hardness for absolute protection, as well as 100% touch sensitivity.

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Great protection
Once you have it on properly, it is awesome!. The problem is with placing it. The first time I put it on, it slipped up slightly, and was extending too far, so case would not fit. Extremely important to not only be on flat surface, but to watch the edges when you remove the pull tab letting it settle. Second time, I was more aware, and worked like a charm.

To remove the glue and screen first-first, gently pry screen up from corner, careful not to lift to much or you can crack it. Then clean off the glue= just gently rub with finger, rolling it up into a ball (had to look this up on youtube, as not clear in directions.
Great product
Installation does take a little practice and making sure that the surface you are working on is level. But on the up side they provide 2 vials of the adhesive, so you can correct your mistake with just a little clean up and then redo it.
I placed the first one I bought on my Emergency phone that 3 veterinarians share for after hours call. The phone gets a lot of abuse (large and small animals), and this has held up for 4 or 5 months already. The stick on protectors were lucky to make 3-4 weeks. I like its sensitivity and itsdurability, so I ordered one for my personal phone.
As long as you have a little patience with application, you will LOVE this product.
Whitestone Dome glass
I used this 2 times before, its the best glass screen protector I've used & probably the best for a curved screen. Used on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & Samsung Galaxy s8
Hands down best curved protector!
I have tried many screen protectors over the years. I have had Samsung Edge-type screens since the first Edge came out. I had only found one previously that just happened to fit perfectly for function and feel, as the 2 others in the box did not. This Dome Glass is fantastic. All components needed are included, and the final fit is as though it was part of the actual screen. I only wish these has been available for previous models I have had.
The price here at Mobile Fun was by far the best I found anywhere. Quick ship too.
worth it
this product is cheapest on this site, it actually showed up in a decent amount of time since i didnt pay for any faster shipping. it was pretty easy to apply especially after watching the installation video on youtube by mobilefun. a day afyer installing it i dropped my phone on its face at work and it wprks, only a few scratches this time and 1 crack, way better than my last screen protector.
great product
Instruction manual could be more clear. Need to have one for all devices.
The screen protector is a good screen protector it's the most expensive, smooth, no bubble screen protector it's one of my favourite screen protector but install can be confusing to people that have basic knowledge on screen protector one slip up and the install is ruined but once it's on the phone it as a ultra smooth surface and is clear and responsive.
Brilliant Screen Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8
The Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung Galaxy S8 Full Screen Cover is a brilliant product. I tripped over a step when I had the 'phone in my hand and landed with the screen flat onto some grave with me on top of it! The cover was badly scratched but when it was removed the 'phone screen itself was still perfect. Needless to say I have immediately fitted a new Whitestone Dome cover to continue to protect my 'phone. Watch the video before attempting to fit the cover and take particular care with the steps immediately before releasing the glue. Once in position the screen cover is amazing.
Protecting my screen
I am really enjoying my Whitestone Dome Glass cover! It is protecting my screen, it is easy to clean, It's not coming off or slipping in any way. I do wish instructions had been included with details to keep in mind before beginning to put the screen protector on. It would have saved me a bit of time and trouble.
I bought this product which as difficult as it looks is really easy, unfortunately after just 2 days the screen cracked in my pocket, I have had plenty of glass screen protectors in the past and most have taken a good beating before cracking, expensive but not up to a good standard
Bubbles within a week
1st started getting tiny bubbles now its two long strips on the sides
It's clear, inconspicuous and toucn sensitivity is good. Fiddly to fix, but just follow the instructions.
Not bad.
As far as function, it's great. Really easy to install properly first try. I wish it wasn't necessary for the S8, I wish manufacturers made normal, full adhesive protectors for the S8 but Dome works.
Getting replacement glass can be a headache, but if you email them enough they'll send it to you. The biggest issue is the dimensions of the glass. It short in height and wide in width. So wide you have to do a lot of digging to find a case that both works and won't peel the glass up (the Spigen Neo Hybrid works) but then the short height means there's a full millimeter at top and bottom completely uncovered.
Oh well.
The best screen protector that I have ever used!
Why, this is quite possibly the best screen protector that I have ever used. Was a little confused at first, as I have never had to follow so many instructions just to install a screen protector. But once it was completely installed, it worked flawlessly. This screen protector is very clear, smooth, and responsive. Sometimes I forget that I even have a screen protector installed on my phone. And as an added bonus, I was able to install an Otterbox Defender Case (without built-in screen protector) onto my phone, with the Dome Glass screen protector on! So, my phone is well protected. I also like that this comes with a warranty too. So, if I were to accidentally crack or break this screen protector, I'll be able to get another one without having to spend another $50. All in all, I would definitely recommend buying this screen protector.
This is a great screen saver .... its invisible so you get to enjoy all your phones great design. Take a little care during installation and its good to go.
Excellent product that actually works
I'm typing this on my S8 and its flawless, no lifting or mis typing. Expensive but it does work, would've been 5 stars if MF did supply a protector only option too but they don't
Product appears to be correct
The shipping time is so very long. Took 18 business days to arrive. So factoring in weekends, a month!
Good product but tricky to fit
The product is good and protects the screen well but it is tricky to fit. Pay particular attention to the suggestion to re-read the instructions and to watch the video about the glueing process. You can also download the fitting instructions from the website so that you can read them properly (the instructions with the product are in a tiny typeface). It is a good product once it has been fitted.
Best feel but pricey
Really pricey screen protector but feels like the actual screen of the S8. Replacement screens cost $10 through Whitestone Dome. MobileFun doesn't provide any replacements.
Screen protector is good but
I like the screen protector BUT i can't find a case that doesn't push it off. On my second screen and second case and doing it again.
Awesome screen protector
I watched the video a few times so i knew what I was doing. I still managed to muck it up somehow- when I tilted the tray I pulled the pin out while it was still tilted, and the screen protector slid off. It was stressful! Got it back on but there were 2 bubbles and i had to sort of work them to the side which I know you're not meant to do. Anyway it resulted in 2 tiny bits on the side that have very tiny bubbles but it doesn't really bother me. That's the only reason I gave it 4 stars as the application is quite intense. Very happy with the result overall, it's a brilliant protector and I wouldn't use anything else (after wasting a lot of money on 4 other protectors previously!)
Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Saver.
The WhiteStoneDome is the best ever Screen Saver that you will find to fit a Samsung Galaxy S8, or any mobile phone that has a rounded edge screen. It is securely fixed all over with adhesive, no protruding edges or air bubbles. This is the fifth screen saver that I have had and the only one that I would say is 100% to my satisfaction. The four that I have tried were all fixed around a fraction of the edges allowing the screen saver to keep lifting, and the touch screen is no where near as sensitive to touch as the WhiteStoneDome.
The best screen protection for my S8
I have tried many glass screen protection and only whitestone has make the best one. It was easy to installed and it give me peace of mind on my S8 because i know it will protect my screen till my mobile last.
Glass screen protector
I am very pleased with the screen protector. Watched the fitting video twice and went on my phone perfectly. Great product 5*
Great protector.
It attached with no problems. Just read the directions and watch video.
I like how you do not lose and touch sensitivtey.
Corners are tight and flat to surface.
Great so far (1 month in)
Installation is a bit tricky, but the video shows you how to install it. They provide two adhesive tubes so if the first one is bad you can try again. That is what happened to me. I was just ready to release the tab to lower the glass when I saw a dust spec. When I tried to wipe it off, I hit the glass and it fell down. The adhesive did not run out properly (many bubbles). After a cleanup, with the provided wipes, I did the process again and it installed perfectly. There was no loss of touch sensitivity and the screen looks great. Worked very well with my UAG Monarch case. I am very happy with it.
Good product
It looks really good if you apply it properly. Applying the adhesive took me a couple of tries, so you should probably get someone with steady hands to apply the screen protector.
good product
straight forward procedure after going through the video x 2 with excellent result
Awesome service
Quick and prompt.
Not worth the money.
The liquid did not spread as shown on you tube instructions. I had to try my best to manually spread it which ended up leaving 3 pin head bubbles.
Whitestone dome glass
It’s very durable affordable ! With this screen protector your phone will be safe for long time! I am truck driver and so many time I dropped down my phone usually when i step out of my truck. Approximately height 4 or 5 feet and my phone is still safe! Thanks for mobile fun!
Great Screen but poor customer service
I brought this product 3 weeks ago after reading all the reviews. At first i was a little anxious but once i completed the process of attaching the screen, i was delighted with the end result! It's like having no screen protector!
I followed the process to a latter... even cut my back case protector to ensure there was no contact. Two days later the corner started to lift ... which was really frustrating! I emailed customer services and did not get a reply... which was even more disappointing!
So my overall opinion is... Really great screen - if it doesn't lift!
Staklena zaštita
E ovo je stvarno genijalno. Nema rubova, zalijepljeno na telefon. Nema prašine između zaštitnog stakla i telefona. Do sad najbolje što sam kupio za telefon
Very good
A ver good quality, it's take less thank 5 minuts to do it but before you need to wach the vídeo. I didn't have problem with bubbles nothing. I'm very happy.
Thank you
Saved my S8!
Dropped my phone today and shattered my screen protector but my precious S8 is completely fine. Ordered another, I can now fully confirm it's worth the money. Installation isn't the easiest but I was happy with my results. Had to remove it when I needed my phone fixed when it was overheating. I know you're not supposed to reinstall it but I managed to clean it up and get it reinstalled with the second lot of glue I received in my kit. My second install was perfect; my first was almost perfect. Even after the reinstallation this wonderful screen protector did its job perfectly. A delight to use as well.
Best Screen Protector Available
This product is fantastic. Just make sure you watch the howto video and read the instructions. The surface you are working on MUST be LEVEL. If you follow the instructions carefully it will work perfectly. I have used many pricey screen protectors and I like this one the best.
Best screen protector ever...!!!!!!!
Don't let the price get fits like a glove without any rainbow effects and it is bubble free. Yes it needs a bit of time to install it but as soon as its on the phone you will notice the difference with any other screen protector. especially on phone with infinity displays ( curved edges ).
Fantastic Screen Protector
I dud quite a bit of research before deciding which screen protector to but for my new Samsung S8. I decided on the Whitestone Dome because it's the only one on the market that applies adhesive to the whole screen instead of just the edges. It took almost an hour to install (admittedly I was going really slowly, triple checking everything and watching a YouTube installation video as I went) but applied perfectly with no bubbles and the tools supplied made sure the alignment was spot on. I've been using it for two weeks now with no lifting and no loss of screen sensitivity. I would definitely purchase this again.
Great product
I was worried at first but after installment its has been great. Not a single scratch or scuffs on the screen
Best screen protector out there. Worth every penny.
A bit expensive but perfect fit. A lot cheaper than a new screen. Easier application than the last one
This is the one, you will not be disappointed,forget the others
Simply the best screen protector full stop, don't waste your money on the others.
The Best Screen Protector I ever have seen and used in my life
I was very sceptical about this screen protector as I read a couple of bad reviews on it. Also, all putting process seems to be very difficult. I still think this screen protector is not for heart fainted ;)

Despite extremely good instructions from mobilefun guys you still have to be very careful with it. BUT if you follow instructions and take your time you will be rewarded with The Best Screen Protector I ever have seen and used in my life. I've gone through many of them but none of them can compete with clarity and responsiveness of Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector.

Only one disadvantage is a presence of leftover of the glue on the long sides of the screen protector, but it could be my mistake as I kept phone longer in the fitting frame, to make sure glue is well treated with UV light and for me is not very noticeable as I use my phone with UAG Monarch Premium Samsung Galaxy S8 Protective Case - Graphite which works very well with this protector. I am using it now for over a couple months and I haven't noticed any problems with this screen protector.
Whitestone Dome Glass Samsung Galaxy S8
Great product!! Went on easy and had easy too understand instructions. Definitely worth buying instead of the thin plastic screen protectors and the screen protectors tat use tape.
a bit of a faff but worth it
I would suggest you look at a number of on-line video's first as to the ideal way of doing this screen protector as it is not that straight forward.

If i could do it again I would have double checked the alignment from top to bottom and side to side before i started the UV light as I am fractionally out but not by much.

It has been on now for about 4 weeks with a spine neo-hybred case and I have zero complaints. Take your time and it will reward you
Exactly as described
Brilliant service... rely quick delivery time
Exactly as described. Would use again!
Great screen protector
This is a brilliant screen protector. It fits the phone perfectly and is relatively easy to apply. I only give it a 4 star as there was a bit of leakage to the dish and it took a bit of force to get this open so I could remove the phone, but the phone was unaffected. There is also a small amount of residue around the very edge of the screen protector that you can see, but once a case is on this will be invisible.
The Best Touch Response
After application, I noticed no drop in touch screen sensitivity at all!. However I chipped the edges of mine only days after I installed it.
Looks good.
It is hard to do but its posible.
Best Glass for Galaxy Infinity display
I have long been afraid of using this glass. Finally, I decided and I did the right thing to do. It's probably no easier to find an app when it's as bad as I do. Thank you very much.
Great but flat surface needed
Happy with the product, installation had a few steps but was clearly described and easy to follow. Only had a slight issue with the glue drying at the bottom part of the screen. Tip use a flat surface (make sure it is flat and doesn't just look it) otherwise the glue will move before you're ready to put the screen on.
Top seller: very good quality, fast delivery. I'm happy - Thank you :-)
Top seller: very good quality, fast delivery. I'm happy - Thank you :-)
Totally worth. Flawless touch
You get what u pay for
Totally worth it. Great quality. Flawless touch.
Best Tempered Glass for the S8
I had spent a lot of time researching the best tempered glass for my S8. The other products only applied adhesive to the edges (which more often than not came off), or had adhesive throughout but affected the usability of the screen.

The Whitestone was the only one that had a liquid adhesive that had to be applied by the consumer. Granted, it made application much more involved but thankfully the video on their website made it easier.

I had initially applied the screen upside down but fortunately they include two tubes of adhesive and I was able to get it on correctly the second time. Even after having to clean all the adhesive off from the first attempt, the final result was crystal clear and had zero affect on touch or responsiveness.

As an added bonus, my wife gets to keep the LED nail lamp. Win/Win.

Would definitely buy again.
Great Product
Hands down, This is the best screen protector I've ever used.
Poor quality
Bubbles started to form after one day of perfect installation
It is by far the best screen saver I have ever tasted, the quality justifies the price. The installation process requires a little care, but it is not complicated. Do not hesitate to buy it.
Perfect sensitivity
Overall an excellent tempered glass, no sensitivity issues, dot matrix or rainbow. Tested it is also waterproof. Only 1 problem, bubbles starts to appear after a few days. Got my replacement and a week later the same problem. The installation was perfect, no bubbles whatsoever, but bubbles will appear after a few days...
Seemed ok
Not worth the money. My screen still cracked with this protector on. The phone was in my pocket and not dropped.
Crystal clear Screen Protector over the edge!
Talk about been technical, this covering protection shield comes with more tools than you need! Love the way you release the liquid adhesive from the top of the template! Nice and clear when done, it really conforms around the edge of the phone, but be aware the the adhesive that you use must be fully dry before using your phone. This may take up to 48 hours to dry, use the UV light tool to quicken the drying process. The UV device has a timer built into it to shut off, so I place the device onto of the phone a few more times than what the instructions indicated! All in all, it's the best Screen Protector I've used!!!
excellant screen Protector
Well worth the long wait for it to arrive, just finished doing the install and was very easy to do if you follow the video and the end result was absolutely fantastic well worth the money compared to what else is on the market for full screen protection and case friendly also and you cannot tell it is on your phone.
letting it to cure overnight before turning it on and 24 hrs before a case.
Second screen protector
Not happy with dome glass protector. This is my second one, first one started to lift after a few days. second one started to show cracks after a few days, now bearing in mind I"ve never dropped my phone plus its always in my bag, so double protection.

This one started to show cracks after a few days then they started to spread across screen. Now this morning noticed the screen is staring to crumble in one corner. Definitely not worth £45. I would also like full refund as I stated in last email if not satisfied.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Alfred

Are you using a case with your phone? If so, the case itself due to the cases' own design may be lifting the screen protector from the edges causing the problems you highlight.
WhiteStone Dome Glass - Samsung S8
First trial - went a bit bad ended up with a large blob underneath the screen protector.

Second trial - removed the first glass protector, and used the second one which was in the box. Ended with a smaller blob, but also the silicone liquid went inside the earpiece and also overflowed from the edges
Pleased from this awesome product, that came from an awesome website.
literally the only good glass screen protector for the Galaxy S8.
Expensive... but in the end its worth it.
As to the site... great, easy to navigate and find what you want, so thumbs up for the geeks running it :D
The only thing i wish was better is the packaging, since it was international shipping i wish it was wrapped with bubble wrap protecting it better ...
overall score - 4.75/5 =]
WhiteStone Dome Glass - Samsung S8
Very responsive.
But... altough i have followed the instructions accordingly, the first trial was not successful as i had one large blob underneath the screen protector. Luckily WhiteStone supplies two Glass Protectors but even the second one wasn't that successful; not only did i still end up with a blob, smaller this time...but the liquid penetrated in my phone's earpiece too
Whitestone dome glass
Like a lot of people I've had trouble finding a screen protector that will stay on the screen of my samsung galaxy s8 with a phone case. Yep, we must be in our thousands, all trying and failing and spending a fortune in the process.I read the reviews on the whitestone and took a chance and bought one.watched the video and was petrified of messing up the application but bit the bullet. Forgot to keep finger over glue tube top on first attempt and glue went everywhere.fortunately the phone is waterproof so ran the phone and screen protector under running water and tried comes with two tubes of glue, fortunately for me. Second application was perfect. Took the advice of someone on youtube ( u DROID ) he takes you through each step very slowly, he also tries out loads of different cases to see if they are compatible with the screen protector. Or go to whitestones website and watch their video. Amazing screen protector, worth the money I paid, no loss of sensitivity anywhere on the screen and apart from a little bit of dust collecting at the top of the screen protector that is easily wiped off you would never know it was there. Just remember to watch the video
Outstanding screen protector
This screen protector seems at fjrst hard to install but give yourself tims to watch the youtube video to familiarise yourself with the installstion process.

Excellent protector overall i havent had any problems with it at and would recommend to anyone
Surprisingly easy!
I ordered this screen protector based on a great review. I was concerned about installing it on my phone because it looked rather challenging. Whwn the product arrved, I watched the video and followed the instructions. Much to my surprise, it was much easier than I anticipated and I'm totally impressed with this product. It is clear, the sensitivity is great and it doesn't lift. I can recommend this product without hesitation!
Great product I'd recommend this to anyone
Great product ..I like that there is a screen protector that is adhesive to the full screen and that is case friendly. Again great product
Great service
After a hiccup with the product, Mobile fun simply sent another with no quibbles. That's really great service and an antidote to most other online suppliers. A great product too.
Make sure you watch the video
This is the first tempered glass screen protector with adhesive on the entire screen that I've found. It is a bit pricey but I thought I'd give it a try. The installation is very involved so I highly recommend watching a video on youtube.
Get it right and you will have a great screen protector.
This is overall a better screen protector than any I've had before, the adhesive is not the easiest to apply but anyone can do it. After a couple weeks of use I have noticed the entire left side of the edge screen seems to not have any adhesive anymore therefore just makes the screen blurry, also around the top two edges and almost down the right side. I work outside every day so I am unsure if the heat may affect this but other than that it works well.
Great Protection, difficult application
Overall: Great protection from drops and scratches, perfect touch sensitivity, very difficult application and developing bubbles, better than anything else on the market.

I bought the Whitestone screen protector because a friend dropped their S8 and seriously cracked their screen despite using a different screen protector. All of the other glass protectors have terrible reviews because they leave space between the protector and the screen. I wanted good touch sensitivity and actual protection from drops.

The application was very difficult. I did it with a friend, we watched 2 videos, and we still had to apply the screen twice. Ultimately, we managed a clean application without bubbles. However, tiny bubbles began to develop around the edges within hours. Whenever you put pressure on the edges of the screen to press the buttons on the sides of the phone, the protector lifts just slightly from the screen. Now the edges of the protector look slightly foggy because of the bubbles. My friend is having the same problem. Nonetheless, this seems to be the best product available.
Not impressed with the whitestone dome screen protector
Not impressed with the whitestone dome screen protector.I had it on the phone three days and it fell three feet onto a wooden floor and it shattered. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.This protector cracks too easy Don't buy it.
MobileFun Reply
Hi David

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this screen protector.

I trust your phone's display survived though and that is the important part?
Excellent product
The screen protector is excellent, just make sure that you apply it on a perfectly levelled surface otherwise the glue is not distributed evenly
Expensive, fiddly, and air bubbles
In factory conditions this product may work exactly as intended, but in reality it's not worth the cost. Installation is incredibly tricky and, despite following the video instructions to the letter I'm left with a line of air bubbles up the screen (I notice they also got these out on the video, but their bubbles settled whereas mine didn't). I'm giving a two star review because mobilefun were kind enough to send replacement glue as (I freely admit) the first attempt was botched by me and the second tube appeared to not be manufactured properly with glue escaping when it shouldn't have.

It's a shame, but the product didn't live up to it's promise for me.
Difficult to apply
Difficult to apply, too many steps, the video does not show the same instruction as the mini manual. READ IT. there are 2 vials of adhesive available, each vial had TOO MUCH liquid and it runs down on the sides of the screen when your ready to place the screen down. failed my first run at applying it.
overall very very happy with protector
was looking for a glass protector that actually worked and was fully adhesive as was fed up with glass protectors not working in middle of screen. ordered this item from mobilefun and received very quickly. i watched a couple of videos how too fit as was a bit worried about tipping glue over my screen on a new £700 plus phone lol. but i went ahead a done it within minutes as was very easy to do and it works perfect and is case friendly with my spigen case. overall very very happy with protector and mobilefun will be using every time from now. THANKS
Expensive product which is hit or miss
Purchased this protector for my S8. I applied the protector exactly as the MobileFun video on YouTube showed. At first it looked perfect and I was very happy i'd bought one. I left the phone 24 hours to cure before using. I noticed that the sides had started to bubble and gaps had started to appear on the edges. I contacted MobileFun about this and after a few exchanges via email, I was provided a full refund.
Not value for money
Whitestone glass dome screen protector is the best screen protector for the galaxy S8 however not enough liquid adhesive supplied by manufacturer. Therefore a line of fine bubbles extending 80% the length of the screen is now trapped on one side just along the curved edge. Most disappointing especially given the very high cost of this product!
having used a couple of other screen protectors that didn't work that well i decided to try this one. at first was a bit nervous about pouring glue over my new screen lol, but was very easy to do making sure on a level surface and was a perfect fit and works very well. so overall very happy thanks
This is by far the best screen protector for the Galaxy S8/S8+ that currently exists on the market
This is by far the best screen protector for the Galaxy S8/S8+ that currently exists on the market. I've had mine for 2 weeks and it's certainly worth the price.

It does involve a somewhat lengthy, but generally easy to follow, installation process but it is all worth it.

The visibility of the protector (and the used adhesive) is crystal clear, with no signs of adhesive and no touch issues whatsoever, since the entirety of the protector adheres to the screen. This is in contrast to ALL other tempered glass protectors, that only offer adhesive on the screen bezels, which is clearly visible and leaves an air gap between the centre of the screen and the protector, thus reducing touch sensitivity.

A small note, however, is that you need to take special care in choosing a case which works with the protector, as most cases (including most Spigen variants, e.g. Liquid Crystal) will be ever so slightly be pushing against the protector, which will cause it to start peeling off.

Thus, when choosing a case, my suggestion is to make sure that there is a gap of at least 1.5mm between the end of the digital display and the screen protector, on the sides of the phone. I am saying 1.5mm because, measuring from my phone, the screen protector seems to exceed the width of the digital display by about 1mm on each side, and a .5mm gap would be advised to make sure that the case doesn't push against the protector when under pressure (say in your hand or pocket).

Hope the above helps.
Easy to fit
The packaging is the fitting jig to make sure that it's perfectly aligned every time. Unfortunately it seems it's not compatible with my case as one side was lifting. This only occurred after I changed how I carry it for a day normally I would use the otterbox defender belt clip but I put it into my pocket for a day as I needed it to be more secure. The touch sensitivity of the screen seems completely unaffected by the addition of this screen protector, unlike the otterbox alpha glass which to get the screen to work you had to stab your finger hard into the screen to get
In short, this screen protector is just perfect. Can’t comment about many others since I haven’t tried all available in the market but this one makes my S8 looks and feels just awesome. The installation was a breeze and the touch screen sensitivity is fantastic. Though it is quite expensive I must give credit to the manufacturer for making the installation so easy where the margin of human error is almost zero. I would recommend buyers to watch the installation video/s rather than following the instructions.
This is the best screen protector for the Samsung s8
This is the best screen protector for the Samsung s8.
I tried several screen protectors but this is the one.
Also very easy to install. works very good in combination with the tech21 cover.
Bought this screen protector because it was the only one people have said they were really happy with. Got in the mail put it on my s8, following along with the websites installation video. Went on just fine. Had a silicon case on my phone with it so nothing pushing against the edges. 2 days later... huge crack down the middle after I took it out of my pocket after the drive to work. After going through customer service website refused to refund me. I get it's meant to break before the actually phone's screen but if I'm paying 50 bucks it better last longer than 3 days and not crack in my pocket.
Buy at your own risk
I was going to write a review about this product but when i saw what others had written and i saw that all reviews are all stars are maxed out and there is no 2 4 stars take a look at xda forum

This product is over price my turned out that there was not enough glue in mine so it did not work had to take it off Mobilefun did send me some more glue but i need a new protector because of the glue on it waste of money buy at your own risk
could be better
This is the first tempered glass screen protector with adhesive on the entire screen that I've found. It is a bit pricey but I thought I'd give it a try. The installation is very involved so I highly recommend watching a video on youtube first (you can google Whitestone Dome installation). I was more careful in my installation and redid the UV bit a few extra times to be safe. It worked really well the first few days, but soon after the adhesive began wearing off of the sides and the entire potector nearly came off. I was pushed everything back on and redid the UV lighting so it stuck again. It works great still but now I have nearly no adhesive along the edge and it's kinda of getting worse every day. I'm not really sure what caused it but I'd be careful with handling the phone after applying the screen protector.
Just follow the directions, and take your time. This product is truly amazing. I'm going to buy 3 more for my wife and girls.
Excellent Product
This product comes with everything you need for pefect installation. A qr code to take you straight to the video. Love this screen protector.
Excellent screen protector
I have had many screen protectors over the years and have tried different ones on my new S8. Due to the curved edges most tempered glass screen protectors only have adhesive around the edges which leaves an air gap between the screen and the protector. This air gap greatly reduces visibility and touch sensitivity. The Whitestone Dome Glass fits perfectly and the visibility and sensitivity is 100% perfect. I was a bit nervous about the wet application but if you follow the instructions carefully and take your time it goes on perfect first time. A second bottle of adhesive was also included just in case you do go a bit wrong. I dont give praise lightly, this is an absolutely excellent product and well worth the money to protect a £700 phone.
Your Only Choice
Do your research properly and you'll find this is the only screen protector worth bothering with for the S8 or +. The films offer no drop protection, along with inferior scratch protection and inevitable lifting. ALL other tempered glass protectors only have adhesive around their edges, meaning they don't adhere to the screen itself, meaning a gap between protector and screen, meaning sensitivity issues. That's to say nothing of the poxy feel of protector tapping screen every time you touch it, nor the way the adhesive smears the edges of your phone that's all about the unboxed edges. They're all worse than useless. The installation is easy as long as you watch the vids and are methodical. Once it's on it's flawless. It obviously needs to be case friendly and it is if you choose fairly carefully. I use a Spigen Crystal Hybrid (basically a Neo Hybrid Crystal with a black surround) and the fit couldn't be more perfect. Is it worth the money? paying 3-5 times as much as you've ever spent on a screen protector before stings a bit but if you want to protect your beautiful and expensive piece of kit properly, you have no other choice.
No Brainer!
Before buying a tempered glass screen protector for my new Samsung S8, I did my research. I found a lot of bad reviews because of the way most adhere to the curved screen around the edges, making them prone to peeling off especially when using a case.
This Whitestone Dome screen protector solves that. It can appear daunting to install at first but just watch the Youtube video, it's pretty straight forward.
Once installed it is great! You hardly notice it's there! It can be used with all cases I've tried with no peeling or pushing the glass up.
It is the best tempered glass screen protector I've had for any phone!
Great product, tricky to get right
The product is very high quality and if you are able to apply it successfully, then it is the best protector for the S8 hands down.

I actually bought 2 of these as I bodged the first one, I was a bit bitter of having to spend another £45 but have to say that I am happy that I did.

The protector does gather dust around the edges but no issues other than that.
Whitestone Screen Protector Samsung S
After purchasing 4 different screen protectors for my S8, none really worked very well. The soft type sticks well but gets scratches and depression extremely easily when you scratch it gently with your finger nails. Looks horrible after a few days. The tempered glass is even worse as only the edges stick. So I decided to splurge on this Whitestone and I should really have bought this straight away. Yes it is expensive but it is by far the BEST. The adhesive liquid provided ensures that the entire glass sticks on the phone screen. The procedure takes alot of concentration and preparation but went on surprisingly well and looks fantastic. Feels like the real glass screen and is so smooth and not tacky like the soft screen protectors. Clarity is also excellent with no orange peel effect at all. Totally clear. Absolutely love it!
Whitestone Screen Protector Samsung S
After purchasing 4 different screen protectors for my S8, none really worked very well. The soft type sticks well but gets scratches and depression extremely easily when you scratch it gently with your finger nails. Looks horrible after a few days. The tempered glass is even worse as only the edges stick. So I decided to splurge on this Whitestone and I should really have bought this straight away. Yes it is expensive but it is by far the BEST. The adhesive liquid provided ensures that the entire glass sticks on the phone screen. The procedure takes alot of concentration and preparation but went on surprisingly well and looks fantastic. Feels like the real glass screen and is so smooth and not tacky like the soft screen protectors. Clarity is also excellent with no orange peel effect at all. Totally clear. Absolutely love it!
This product was a grateful purchase work grate one of the best screen protectors of all time i recommend this screen protector if you have a galaxy s8/s8 plus
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