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Scosche MagicMOUNT XL Dash And Window Tablet Mount Reviews - Mobile Fun Ireland

Create the perfect viewing angle for your tablet or smartphone in the car and conveniently mount quickly even with a case attached with the Scosche Magic Mount XL Window Universal Car Holder System.
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 4.3 stars from 7 customers

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After trying several scosche mounts I decided to give this XL one last try. I figured if it can hold a tablet surely it can hold my iPhone 7plus. I place the large magnet in between the phone n case n never stick onto any items just in case I decide to change my case. When I tell u I can grab my phone n place it back on the magnet it's just the mount I've been looking for. I don't have to look down to see whose calling my phone n mount fits perfectly on my dash. This is a must buy.
Perfect, Can back to review!
I have had this mount for almost 1 year and It is still amazing, hold the phone (Note 5) solid.

Highly recommend this mount.

Can back here specially to write a review and I don't normally do this.
Fantastic, best holder ive used
I bought this product coming from the sticky pad holders. This is miles ahead of that and is robust and solid. does not interfere with the phone gps or location due the magnets as I use mine for sat nav all the time. The arm is solid and doe not move or shake during driving and I've never had the phone fall of the holder and the z2 isn't exactly a small or light phone. The only issue is you only get one sticky magnet suitable for phones and if you stick it to a case you have to buy additional magnets when replacing the case as ive had to do recently but it still gets 5 stars.
Dont waste your money
Bought this item as it clearly says compatible with the iphone 6+. After i bought it the rubber around the suction cup came away under the weight of the phone and holding arm. Thought i might have received a dodgy one so contacted to complain, got another one sent out and exactly the same issue with the rubber suction cup tearing under the weight of the phone, clearly a terrible design flaw for something that isnt particularly cheap as far as phone holders go.
Dont waste your money as it IS NOT CAPABLE OF HOLDING AN IPHONE 6+!!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Iain

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item. This is most unusual as it can hold a tablet!

Can you please ensure you are using the locking mechanism to ensure the holder grips your vehicle as tightly as possible.
what you see is what you get. I am happy with this one.
Almost as expected
* base sticks to glass easily
* small magnet supports my phone (Samsung Note 4) outside of case
* base does not stick to my dash (Lancer)
* magnet did not work through my heavy duty case. this was particularly disappointing

Overall I'm happy with it. While the magnet did not work outside of the case, it is still small enough to not cause any inconvenience. I have not used the large magnet yet. This was also supplied which was a bonus. I'll be using this on my tablet and I doubt it'll have any issues supporting the weight. If you're after a slim mounting solution and happy for it be mounted on the glass, this'll do the job.

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