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Scosche Magic Mount Universal Car Holder System - Black Reviews - Mobile Fun Ireland

Create the perfect viewing angle for your device in the car or at home and conveniently mount your smartphone quickly even with a case attached with the Scosche Magic Mount Universal Car Holder System.
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 4.6 stars from 96 customers

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Very firm fixing looks neat and is easy to use. Buying another one for my other car
Great u
Got the Scosche Magic Mount Universal Car Holder System for my wife car and she loves in,I'm will also be getting one for
My car as I like the design of the holder, also like the service I got from Mobilefun.co.uk. I will recommend Mobilefun to my friends.
Andrew kirby
Works as advertised worth every penny
I purchased this mount to use with my Jabra hands free speaker phone...works like a charm, easy to mount and to use.
Does exactly what it says
I've had phone holders before but this one in my opinion is the best of its kind. Neat and unobtrusive but strong and study.
got the items within 2 weeks so it was great thanks,the product is awesome.
Quick delivery and I like the item as it secures the phone which I can utilise whilst driving in a safe manner.
Well made product ,good results.
Well made product which solved the problem of locating my phone on my dashboard without a sucker.
More fantastic
Not good
Once attached it is hard to change and then ell of in the heat
fantastic lifesaver!!
I loved this little magnet holder for my huge phone. works with or without case on phone! can be put in a company vehicle without damaging vehicle. Very inexpensive for such a great tool!
Great product but....the base plate which attaches to to the dash DOES NOT stick.It is supposed to use 3M Auto grade adhesive. I cleaned the dash as instructed but the adhesive didnt work.I ended up using superglue and it has worked fine since then !
Poor design
The swivel on the mount is so loose that it rolls around on the most gentle turns. I had to super glue it into position to make it hold still. I like the way the magnet works, no problems there. Just disappointed in the swivel issue.
Low profile, don't notice it when the phone isn't attached. Magnet holds the phone in place with no problems.
I had placed my order and it was filled in a timely manner. The product was awesome and have had no issues. wonderful product and have recommended this product to others and will continue to do so.
Super product, very strong magnet. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for the ideal mobile holder.
Best car mount found so far
I was contemplating this item for a while and finally decided to purchase it, even if the price seemed fairly high for a "simple" car mount.

I installed in on my dash and was concerned it would not stick enough because of the curb.

So far it's been the easiest mount to use with my iPhones. I slide in the magnet between my iPhone and it's case and it is perfect to hold my iPhone while driving while making it it easy to remove with one hand.

Really love it so far:
- Simple
- Great small design
- Very easy to install/Use
- Works with any device
Quick and Easy
Great product, easy to fix onto car and really handy as soon as I jump in the car I place my phone on the magnetic stand and then it's complete hands free. The good thing about it is I can still see who's calling or see what music is playing on my phone it's always facing me ... great for skyping in the car as well ... you never have to worry where your phone is and it's very quick to attach or take off
This one worked just perfect
My late model BMW 5-series does not have a usable location for my cell phone. I needed an option that didn't cover my air vents, gear shift, dash mount, etc. I mounted this near the gear shift on the driver's side and it's perfect! I use it with two phones: 5.7" and 6.4" and it holds and swivels without blocking other vehicle features.
Perfect for use in a car
This is probably the neatest, most efficient and easiest item for holding a mobile 'phone available. Its flexible base will allow it to be fixed to a curved dashboard and attaching the magnet to the back of the phone, in my case inside a protective plastic cover, avoids sticky surfaces, clips, springs, suction pads or other methods for holding a 'phone securely. I was aware of the one drawback when ordering the item - that once fixed in position it is not portable, and portability is what I wanted. I don't use the stand in the car so I simply have not stuck it down anywhere. I thought the base would not be substantial enough to hold my 'phone without it toppling over but I can text and play games etc., quite happily. Of course, a slightly thicker base would be better for this type of use and the company should consider making a partner item. If you intend leaving space for a charging cable at the top or bottom of your 'phone be cautious where you stick the magnet, not necessarily in the middle of the 'phone but towards the top or bottom, although the magnet's range does seem very good. Well made but somewhat overpriced.
Could do better!!
The principle and actual operation of this piece of equipment is good. However, the tape to adhere it to the dashboard is just not strong enough. The item fell off within 5 minutes of me putting it on. I have purchased some extra strong double sided tape in the hope this will work.
Sorry to be so negative.
Almost Perfect - but not quite!
The idea is fantastic, the design almost perfect but the so called automotive grade adhesive has failed after less than a day.
I followed instructions to the letter as I always do: cleaned surface (vinyl car fascia) with the supplied cloth; allowed to dry; applied Magic Mount in required location and held in place with some pressure for approx. 2 minutes to allow adhesive to fix.
At first it felt rock solid and I thought I had found the perfect discreet solution for mounting my Galaxy S5.
However, the following day I was driving along and the phone fell to the floor (with the Magic Mount still attached!!). Luckily the phone is not damaged!
The magnet part of the design is brilliant but unfortunately the adhesive does not appear to be able to hold on a vertical vinyl surface.
The images and videos clearly show devices (even tablets) being held by this solution on vertical surfaces so I thought my Galaxy would be no problem, even with case. I was wrong and the holder is now useless, i.e. the adhesive is shot.
The best one I have ever owned
The best one I have ever owned not fussy and does what it says and with two magnets fits and holds the iPhone 6+ would recommend
Great product, great service!
I ordered the product from Johannesburg, South Africa, and due to our poor domestic postal service, the product was lost in transit. Mobilefun, however, were extremely helpful, and dispatched a replacement mount with a more trustworthy private service asap. I have used my mount for the last 3 months and I can report it does a great job. Certainly recommended!
Totally Gripping!
This powerful magnet-based in-car phone holder comes with two plates which is ideal when you have both a home and a work phone to account for (albeit not both at the same time!). The smaller plate is thin enough to go inside the case of a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini while the larger plate sits nicely between my S5 mini and its case. There's nothing to get in the way of the charging port (and the built-in cable clip is ideal). I also like that I can just slap the phone on then just pull it off and go.

The only slight downside is that the holder has to be stuck to the dashboard instead of using a suction cup approach.
Magic mount
Brilliant product well designed excellent service from dealer
Would recommend fast delivery
Well done on this product
Sticks on the dash with no problems. Holds the big IPhone 6+ easily either vertically or horizontally. Also tested over rough ground (in my landcruiser) with no issues. Well done on this product.
Excellent phone & tablet holder
We primarily bought this to support an android tablet that we run OsmAnd on - a sat nav program.
We stick the enclosed metal plate on the back of the tablet and it sticks beautifully to the powerful magnet of the Scosche mount.
We are so impressed that we bought 3 !!
not as pratical as I thought
I thought that this device would be an astitance in helping me to carry my mobile phone without a device that sticks to the windscreen although this holder does everything that it supposed to do having a magnet within its device causes problems with other devices so not as pratical as I thought
Best one I've ever had
Best one I've ever had
Great product
The best & so simple to install. It's not the cheapest but definitely good value. I have tried others but none have come up to scratch, this car phone holder does what it says on the wrapper. Delivered by post in 3 days l didn't pay for quick delivery. Thanks to Mobile Fun & staff.
Best ever.
Best ever.
Great producy
The product does what it is meant to with ease and simplicity. Tried others before but this is definitely the best. It is not the cheapest but in the long run well worth the initial outlay. I took the cheapest delivery option and the product was with me in 3 days. Good service thanks.
I have brought the magic mount car holder after reading good reviews have bought one and am really pleased with it an would recommend to anyone
When I ordered this I thought just like others I bought does not stick properly to the dash and phone ends up on the floor how wrong I were its brilliant complete hands free
The Best and Most Universal .
I think this is so good and useful i will be purchasing another.
I was amazed that when it arrived , and very quickly as well, the device was very small and not one of those ugly monsters you stick on you car or desk. It was small enough that your device looked suspended from the front. I use mine ( I bought 3 )on my desk, my bedroom for easy viewing and also in my car. Super product.
An absolutely brilliant device which does exactly what it says it would! Also smart & discreet. Love it!
Scosche Magic Mount from MobileFun
Fantastic tablet Mount for Car & elsewhere - delivered by a Fantastic Firm & Supplier!
My disappointment
I wanted it to be more relocateable but the base magnet requires it to be stuck in a permanent position. I want to be able to swop between vehicles and my boat. The principle of the item is good but spoilt by the inflexible mobility. Had I known this I would not have bought it.
Small and therefore easy to find a place to mount phone.
My phone has no battery cover, but a beautiful (imo) aluminium back. The only attachment option is therefore to buy a case and place the non-magnetic plate into the case. Fortunately, HTC have a clear plastic case through which the phone can still be seen. Unfortunately, the supplied plate is Matt Black, which spoils the looks of the gold-on-silver phone back.

The plate needs to be placed near to the centre of the phone back for stability. If the plate is placed too near the bottom of the phone, it shakes off the magnet on road bumps.
No good for the HTC M8
For those of you with a HTC M8 phone, this mount is not a good choice!

It is an excellent mount from an excellent concept.

The only problem is the the M8 has a curved back that presents minimal contact with the holder. This means that the magnets in the holder are not strong enough to hold the phone securely - even with the larger of the two metal plates. Even minor road bumps will send the phone flying around in the car. It should not have been placed under the M8 choices for holders.
Expectation Exceeded!
The Scosche Magic Mount Universal Car Holder System performs as stated. It securely holds my Sony Xperia Z Ultra (6" screen smartphone/phablet). It's compact, sturdy. and has an excellent 360 degree swivel. I have it mounted in my 5-series BMW (which has no ideal phone space on its own), and have experienced no issues thus far. I highly recommend it.
Brilliant little mount.
What can I say? This is the best in-car mount I've ever had. The magnet is wonderfully strong, it comes with two different sizes of magnet-pad to suit big or small devices and a neat sticky-pad to attach the mount to your car.

In the end I settled for using the mini-pad which fits neatly inside the battery cover on my S5. It attaches within seconds of getting in the car merely by holding it near the mount and seems to be extremely strong. The only criticism (minor) would be that if your battery cover is very loose, the powerful magnet can actually pull it off your phone when you take your phone off of the mount.
It's very good product
It's very good product, I'll recommend that all.
wonderful piece of kit
I use this to support a very heavy truck-type navigator in my camper van, which also doubles as a TV receiver. I have immediately bought a second unit, so I can transfer the navigator to the table in the back of my camper in order to plug it into TV aerial and watch in comfort (NOT while driving!).
My sceptical husband thought it would not e strong enough for the job. He is wrong! It holds firmly, with no vibration, and is so much better than the previous arrangement, heavy cushion and shiny pad, which kept on coming adrift on my sloping dashboard.
Extendable neck would be a great addition
The Magic Mount is the best holder for my assorted phones and sat navs that I have yet encountered. It would be even better if the neck could be extended as there is a problem with the connection to the power supply in some positions.
The Best Yet
This is the best phone holder, service and delivery I have come across. The holder hangs onto the phone even over bumps and is easy to remove when required. Will recommend to family and friends.
Bought this for my van didn't think it would be as good as it is its small and discreet and the magnet is strong but easy to pull the phone off its sticks to the windscreen with ease well worth the money
delighted with the item
It does what it's supposed to do simply easily and extremely well.
Exceptionally Strong For Its Little Size!
I ordered this Schoche Mount with some hesitation, espec. since it was for use with a Note 4 phone. However, this little mount holds my Note 4 without issue. I do use a slimmer case & place the magnet in between the case and the back of the phone. Also, my order arrived quicker than expected. Overall, I'm very pleased with the item!
Excellent Car Mount
I received the product last week. Its really a worderful product after so many years of serching a proper car mount for my Mobile phone. This works exactly as described. Has a very firm mount. I have Blackberry Passport which is quite heavy and used the small plate behind the hardcell case.
So simple
As usual,a faultless service from Mobilefun. The item works perfectly, so i will be ordering another one. No clips/brackets/fixings, so simple, just magnets, seconds to fit.
Simply perfect
I have no words to describe how simple and perfect this mount is for me. The big plate fits almost perfect under the battery cover and mounting/unmounting was never easier.
Such a simple & versatile Device Holder, for your Car
Don't worry about the size & shape of your device. If you want to mount it (securely) in your car, forget attaching a device-specific holder to the windscreen. Instead - attach this small magnetic mount to a suitable surface & then put the magnet into your case, behind the battery case or just stick it to the rear of your device. Match up the device to the holder & "voila!" The device sits sturdily and it can be rotated (portrait/landscape) to view the screen according to your needs. If you have other devices (tablets, phones or smartphones) - just purchase more magnet mounts and you can use them with the mount...
magic mount
i read the reviews on this item and everyone said its was great it is up to a point without the leather case on my samsung galaxy s4 mini it is great but with it the case keeps falling off.
Great Product
Very useful gadget - no messy cases and it holds even my massive Galaxy Note 4 with ease and without slipping or vibrating on motorways.
A good concept. Fundamentally Flawed!!
A good minimal size phone mount concept. That simply fails to stick to the dash!! Followed the adhesive pad instructions to the letter! and it still failed to grip on a clean smooth surface!!
The rest of the item appears to be good quality!
Neat and effective
This keeps my iPhone 6 plus safely and securely on my dashboard. It is so easy and convenient to use. I intend to buy another one for my wife's car. Highly recommended.
Scosch magnetic cellphone car mount
Great product. Best ive seen.
incredibly comfortable
It was a long time I was looking for a sock that was not bulky and the same time it was safe, keeping the cell firmemente ataccato, and I finally found this Scosche Magic Mount Universal Car Holder System which use all three mobile phone that I have, because if I put the phone with the navigation with one hand I can attack it without bothering to open or close the oven mitts that others have, and by the way when I do not have the phone I attacked occuopa much space this car holder, you do not see I do not break the harmony of the dashboard
Top product
This is a excellent product and very fast dispatch from MobileFun looking forward to my next purchase from this company
Excellent for Tablets for Sat Nav
I wasn't sure whether or not it would take the weight of the Samsung Tab 3 and I'm pleased to report that it does and it's excellent! Solid as a rock!
Using the OSMand app - I now have an 8" Sat Nav in my car (a cheap old banger!!) that doesn't jump around - and is VERY easily removable (by me - rather than a thief!!)
Almost a perfect accessory
Having waited for this item to come back into stock, overall I am glad I did. Magnet is very strong, holds firm even through battery case and additional protective shell, only slight downside is the cable hook to the rear is very slim so only the original cable will fit - anything thicker will not clip in, not enough of an issue to not highly recommend this product to anyone
Great product
This product is so good that I've ordered another one, this time for my wife's car. Would definitely recommend
This is a great bit of kit. It comes with 2 'plates' so you can use it for 2 phones if you want. I use it for my OnePlus and my wife uses it for her Moto G. Both phones feel rock solid on the dock. The great thing is that I know that I will be able to use it whenever I upgrade my phone in the future.
Best one I have bought yet
This is the best holder I have bought yet, the ones I have had in the past either don't fit into the vents right or have broken my vents or have too many fiddle features to go wrong or break. This one is a simple design, sticks to my dash well which is curved and not 100% smooth. The magnet holds my phone well, doesn't fall off and is very easy to detach & re attach.. Simple but very effective!
Just the job.
A first class phone holder. Discreet, very strong magnet and fits anywhere. I would recommend it.
I was sceptical about how reliable this would be, especially when driving at speed and going over bumbs and around sharp bends but it's brilliant it's never even slipped. I have a 2 stage case aswell and the magnet attracts even through that.
Briilliant case.
A great device
This device is the only one Iv'e found to secure my satnav without obstructing my driving vew.
My satnav is quite wide and other devices would not hold it
Real Neat
I wanted a flexible, unobtrusive & discrete magnetic mount for my phone & Nav. I'm fed up with windscreen mounts & wanted something I could mount within easy reach - this seemed to fit the bill. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised how small it was. I spent a good hour working out where to fix it in the car, the flexible fixing mount allows you to bend it to fit on curved or angled surfaces - a really useful feature. Once I'd found the best spot (low down underneath on the centre console) I was sceptical that it would adhere properly - wrong! It has stuck fast & holds everything very easily using the self adhesive mounting plates provided.
Best in car holder I've ever had. Real neat!
what a great gadget
this does exactly what it says on the tin.easy to fix wherever you want and can be used with my iphone or ipad,just what i wanted.
Second to none! Only a pity it has to be stuck
Second to none! Only a pity it has to be stuck to the dash console other than using a suction base for the dash which would have been preferable! However this is great for speedy access without removing the case or opening jaws! And is dead stead while driving, there no movement from this at all!
Excellent product
Ordered Friday arrived Monday. Neat product which does exactly what it claims.

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