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Reviews for Olixar Portable Multi-Angle Smartphone Desk Stand

Secure, robust and portable, this portable, multi-angle Smartphone stand holds all smartphones in either portrait or landscape orientations.
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Secure, robust and portable, this portable, multi-angle Smartphone stand holds all smartphones in either portrait or landscape orientations.
 4.4 stars from 175 customers

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Very good
It does what it's supposed to do. My phone feels stable and secure on it.
Ease of use
The smartphone desk stand is very easy and convenient to set up and use. It is also very convenient to fold down put in a bag and carry around when traveling to different locations or even a different room
A great product
I am amazed how such a tiny product is so useful. Not only compact and well made, but any phone fits on it. I was recommended it and ended up buying two.
Very useful sturdy product.
Really pleased with it.
Not a patch on the metal ones, neither as stable nor as strong.
Facetime made easier.
Bought this so I could facetime my son and family. Saves me holding my mobile. Great wish I'd bought one ages ago.
simple, but efficient
not a complicated or expensive item

simple, useful, and a great addition to my tech bag
Useful item
Nothing that wasn’t already said
Simple but effective.
First impression is that it seems a bit lightweight especially if used to support a tablet rather than a phone. In use however it works well and does what you need it to do. Easy to slip in your pocket to take it anywhere you might need it.
Desk Stand
Would it fit my phone,yes it did simple but effective.Can now prop up phone next to my Computer in full view and reach ideal would recommend.
I was very disappointed with product, it is so flimsy and keeps fallen down when put my phone on
Average Product
For the price it is OK but a little flimsy.
Does the job
Not particularly robust but is fine for what its intended for - just something to stand the phone on.
Smartphone stand
good item to stand your phone on.
Handy stand
I was looking for a way to use video calls without having to hold my phone when I came across this desk stand.. I'm really pleased that I got this one as it does everything it says. It folds away nicely and is easy to store, it's simple to put up and has a number of different positions available, depending on what you need. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs a portable mobile phone desk stand.
A handy gadget
A simple method of propping up a phone that is not in a Stand-up case. It is lightweight and convenient.
It has stopped the problem of trying to find a book or a loaf of bread to stand the phone against and probably stopped me dropping the phone on several occasions.
It's cheap enough to have on standby.
Handy gadget
At least I can read my phone easily. The only problem I have is that if the phone is in portrait position it cannot charged unless it's upside down.
Decent Phone rest
Good phone rest, sturdy and does the job Landscape as well as portrait standing.
A bit diisappointing
This is a flimsy accessory but for the price one would not expect a precision article. The tab on the piece of plastic that bends up to secure the plate holding your smartphone is too thick to fit properly into the rectangular slots sited at the rear. If you want your smartphone to be almost vertical, no problem, but if you prefer something nearer 45 degrees of lean angle, the tab just about rests on the slot as the angle is too oblique to permit the slot to fit tightly in. Therefore, the slightest touch causes the 'phone to fall flat like a deckchair, not catastrophic but annoying!
Good budget solution
good product for the price. Slim and easy to store on small desk or table. Great for taking video calls. Phone sits still. Could have done with a bit more of a raised angle so as to not feel as though you are looking down but that's just me being pedantic.
Small, simple, does the job
Great for FaceTime chats
Good Stand
This stand is adequate to hold my tablet also as well as the smartphone. It is a very good product and does not cost as much as other makes
A very useful portable,lightweight stand.Excellent value and can be used anywhere.
Not as strong as I would have liked. Phone needs to be put on carefully otherwise it tips a little. Certainly usable and at least I can now see my phone on my desk. I will get used to it I guess.
The product takes up no space on your desk etc. It folds up for portability and is adjustable to suit your needs.
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