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Olixar Alpha Universal Premium Metal Smartphone & Tablet Stand Reviews - Mobile Fun Ireland

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Be creative with your smartphone or tablet with this premium metal stand from Olixar. The multi-functional design allows a number of different angles and positions, while the sturdy alloy construction keeps your device safe, secure and steady.

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 4 stars from 21 customers

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A must have accessorie.
I was able to see from the images on the site that this product was what I was looking for.
Poor adhesive pads
Unfortunately the adhesive pads had very little suction and every attempt to use my IPad & iPhone ended in failure

A very poor product not worth its price tag and shouldn’t be sold

It’s been sent back and waiting for a refund
Great product
This item is a great product. A handy stand for your phone. Encourages the user to keep their head up. With a Bluetooth keyboard you have a computer.
A simple but great little gadget
I use a mini tablet to watch sport and have been propping the device up with a book until I got this brilliant little item. Just the bee's knee's! My device no longer slides down from the book but remains nice and stable. As I have not had this for very long, I am interested in seeing how long the sticky pad lasts when detaching my device on and off several times. I hope it surprises me.
Metal Smartphone & Tablet Stand
It is really really really, amazing stuff!!!, i believe in technology.
Abdu Beshir
Good product
Highly recommend
My son of 30 has an acquired brain injury, weak dexterity and nystagmus so handling and using a slim phone is really problematic. However this little stand has empowered him in so many ways and enables him to have independence when using his phone as it sits perfectly still whilst he dials and chats also ideal when using messenger and face time brilliant cant praise it enough
Excellent product
Lightweight but robust and device adheres well to the pad. Good value for the price
Greatly disappointed.
Within 24 hours of receiving this item the Stickiness had become Unstuck.

My initial reaction was to Stick it, but the prospect of it becoming Stuck again was too much of a gamble!!!

I appear to be Stuck with it, so I am going to Stick with it, which is more than can be said about the item.
Disappointing - phone wont stick to stand
The look and the feel of the stand are great. Its sturdy, looks good; brushed metal with sticky pads for the iPhone or device. However the phone doesn't stick to either pad. Clumsy to use so doesn't serve its purpose. Would NOT recommend
OK, but won't buy again
The product is OK, but I won't buy it again. The phone doesn't stick properly when charging, should buy something dedicated to my phone.
Works well as a Samsung 7 phone stand, could do to be a bit higher with room for a phone connection at the bottom rather than having to turn the phone on its side.
Looks great and is classy.
Works Great
Works great on night stand. Works best if you use a cord with a 90 degree plug. Holds phone in place good. I will be buying another.
Perfect docking tool
This has so many uses! Keeps mobile or iPad off bench when using for cooking, great to use for alarm clock docking station, when not using or when charging, or using when having a hands free conversation! Only limited by your imagination.
Good quality
My daughter love to play I pad with that
Of premium quality
Thanks Mobile Fun for prompt delivery
A sleek and unique stand that offers versatility
A sleek and unique stand that offers versatility. It allows you to streamline your connection cables towards the back and not have your wires tangled. I would recommend this stand because of its style and durability.

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