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Exogear ExoMount Touch CD for Smartphones - Black Reviews - Mobile Fun Ireland

The ExoMount Touch CD revitalises the use of your CD player in your car and conveniently puts
your smartphones such as the iPhone 5S to the Galaxy S4, iPods and even GPS navigations within reach.
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€34.49 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 79 customers

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Excellent concept
The concept is excellent. I bought this unit to hold my GPS with O/Ds 6-3/4"x4". The Exogear Exomount Touch CD mount specified dimensions 3.5" to 5.8". I expected to clamp my GPS but it did not. The clamp has a min. opening of 2" and max. 3-3/4". The Exogear Exomount Touch CD dimensions are misleading - the 5.8" spec is a mystery to me? Fortunately my GPS has a female ball fitting fitted to the back complete with a male windscreen suction fitting. Also fortunately the Exogear Exomount Touch CD male fitting part of the CD clamp is the same dimension as the GPS male fitting and therefore I was able to fit these together and it works well. Now I have no use for the Exomount clamp which is very disappointing as I do not have the feature of the "quick fit and release". I can only say it was very fortunate my GPS had a compatible mounting fitting capable of adapting otherwise the Exogear Exomount Touch CD unit would have been a total loss and no use and would have been returned.
Birthday present
Really happy with this product. First time I've used mobile fun but t will not be the last. In fact already ordered some new items and have a few more in the pipeline.
A real find!
Solid and well made. Easy to install...this product does what it says and is excellent value. Highly recommended!
Very easy to use.
Very easy to use. Attaching your phone to it is a breeze. Easy to adjust the angle or orientation.
Good buy
Have used the CD slot mounted iPhone holder for a short while.

I like it because it is robust, and the device is mounted in a better position than taking up valuable windscreen space.

Recommend it.
Love it!!
This is a great product can't fault it !!
Wish I had bought one sooner ,now gunna buy a second one for my other car saves me swapping it over all the time
Perfect in every way
I bought this for my daughters Toyota IQ . It's perfect . Fits both my daughters large 6 plus and my 6 . It's so easy to use phone just snaps into place and is so secure - unlike the air vent holder that I have in my car . The quality is excellent and most importantly to me it looks neat and unintuitive. I hate phone mounts that show on the top of the dashboard. As long as your cd is redundant ( why would you use it when you can stream music from your phone) this is the perfect phone holder . I'm getting another one for my car !
Excellent device, well made
This is an excellent device, and well made. It fits neatly into the CD slot in my Volvo S80, leaving access to everything I need. The phone is within easy reach, and does not interfere with any sight lines through the windscreen. This device is ideal if you sometimes want the phone in portrait orientation, and sometimes in landscape. I've got a thin, slightly slippery case on my phone and it does slip down slightly (to the buttons) in this holder - but I expect to be able to fix that simply and easily with either a grippy case, or with some thin rubber or foam attached to the device side arms.
A good solution with only small flaws
A good mount, quick to install. I made a small mod to the tightening screw, filing it down slightly so I could tighten it more then it was very sturdy indeed. Good enough but not amazing range of adjustment.
Excellent Mount
I was looking for a mount to be closer to me when in the car, as other mounts are on the dashboard, which can be hard to reach... So far excellent,
Solved a problem
Very pleased with the mount, it solved a problem for me.
Does the job
My first car mount. Fits well to the cd slot. Holds my nexus 6p nicely. The clamps do come down right on the volume buttons if the phone is centered on the mount. However, I clamp my phone slightly to the side of the buttons and the phone is still very secure. Easy enough to mount and dismount the phone. However you definitely need 2 hands with a phone this big. Overall, nice mount. I'm going to enjoy using it!
excellent bit of kit
I recently bought an iphone 6s and this device solved my in car problems. Easy to set up and the cradle itself is brilliant. Weather you are using sat nav via google maps, listening to music or keeping the wife and kids quiet watching movies, this is the best bit of kit you could want. You will not regret buying this and the postage is very fast too.
Really pleased
I had a magnetic phone mount that attached to the vent of my car and the phone kept falling off as I went over the many speed bumps in the area. After reading a review on the best phone mounts, this was recommended as the best non-magnetic one. I've had it for several weeks now and am really pleased with it. So far my phone has stayed attached to the mount even with the flip cover on. I, also, prefer this one to the vent attached one as my CD slot is quite high on the dashboard. Overall, really pleased with buying this and would recommend.
So good I bought it twice
Since I got one of these a while ago my son has been nagging me to let him have it for his car, but being mean I wouldn't let him. Getting him one for Christmas to keep him quiet.... Great device and does exactly what it is supposed to. Recommended.
Air connection
Compared to the window attached holders I have had in the past, this Air Conditioning attached phone holder is firm, and with the safety bonus of nit worrying about hitting my head on tbe phone if I had an accident. I have a nexus 6P which is a big phone, so as long as long as I remember to attach and remove with the slider, the holder stays attached to the air conditioning outlet.
Great product
The product is exactly like shown in the pictures/videos. Very easy to use, sturdy and good quality. I had no problem installing the unit. Have been using it for few days now.. does the intended job really well. Quite happy with my purchase!
Great iPhone mount
Great product, easy to use and fits my iPhone 6s Plus nicely. The mount sits in the cd slot and has a fixing screw that holds the mount in the cd slot. The phone snaps into the mount and holds firm, it's also easy to remove. I have previously used screen mounts and dashboard mounts, I won't any more. Obviously the layout of your car dashboard is important as the mount could obscure switches etc. In a "53" plate Mercedes e class it's not an issue.
Excellent product!
Brilliant product!! Extremely easy to fit and worked straight away. Love it.
Fantastic bit of kit, well worth the money
Fantastic bit of kit, well worth the money.

I bought it so that my android phone could work along side my new tom-tom go 600,you need your phone to get updates.

So having it sat in the cd slot is just perfect, would recommend it to anyone.
Great bit of kit
I've brought many phone holders over time but this one really does work well.
Any one who is looking for a new phone holder should really take a a lose look at this one.
Exogear ExoMount Touch CD for Smartphones
I was looking for a solid iphone mount which wouldn't damage the leather dashboard or compromise forward vision, so a stick on, vacuum or screen mount was out. With a redundant CD slot now that the ipod is wired in, this CD mounting holder seemed a good idea, and it is. It provides a really solid base for the iphone and has enough articulation to work for the driver or co-pilot, and is in just the right place just above the comand screen where it almost looks part of the furniture as the iphone hides most of the well made structure. Looking forward to testing it out sur le continent.
Exogear Exomount CD slot Smartphone mount
Arrived in less than a week. Good product. Very easy to install - less than half a minutes work. Works as advertised - rotates and view angle can be changed fairly easily. Does not block smartphone speakers. At last have solved the problem of finding a decent phone mount. I found windscreen mounts invariably stop working after a few weeks. That is, they stop sticking to the windscreen. So this gadget solves my problem!
does the job nicely
simple to mount, is small so does not obscure the radio much at all. The phone can be positioned where I like which is also good for same. Only minor criticism is - its a bit fiddly releasing the phone. But im happy with it.
Amazing product and service
I was looking for a cradle device for my iphone for my car, this device was recommended, it arrived the day after I ordered it and and the product is so simple it works, mobilefun is one of the best websites I found in the last couple of years
Use it for your SatNav
After getting advice over the telephone, I bought this device to mount a SatNav, not a smartphone, something not mentioned on the website, but I noticed was included in the wording on the packaging. Although a CD can be played with the device in situ, it would, of course have to be removed to change the CD! The device works well.
CD mobile phone holder.
Hey guys and gals I'm writing to let you know that the CD mounted cell phone holder is in fact exactly as advertised, it's a very unique product of the best manufacturing and quality. I highly recommend this product it's truly mobile fun at its best. Please note you can still use the CD player with this unit in place.
Exogear ExoMount Touch CD.....What a find.....GREAT
I recently bought the "Exogear ExoMount Touch CD for Smartphones" after looking for many months and also buying other hopeless handset holders...such money wasted! I did have reservations about how it would hold but these were unfounded as this mount is such a brilliant idea, fitting/removal is so easy (which is very important to me as I have to switch between 2 cars every week) and the push grip hold is so perfect for a snug fit and the whole thing is so secure...thank you mobile fun for a super fast delivery...all perfect
Brilliant stuff will buy again
This is a great gadget , does what it says on the box.
Brilliant service delivery to my door quickly before I received email wow and I love this item thanks
Phone holder
Very good and strong device
Exactly as shown in the videos. The grip in the cd player is quite good and my phone doesnt wobble or shake once secured.

I line the fact you can put it lower by flipping the mount upside down so my visibility isnt affected

Cheap and fonctionnal
Phone holder smaller for iPhone 6 plus with Griffin Survivor iPhone 6 Plus All-Terrain Case - Black
CD phone holder very good but actual phone holder is small for Griffin Survivor iPhone 6 Plus All-Terrain Case - Black, if you got small cover then i will recommed.
Fantastic product
All features clearly explained before buying. Fantastic product. Very happy with my purchase.
Exogear ExoMount Touch CD for smartphones
Bought with a little apprehension but seemed the best of the bunch. Fits my 2011 Hyundia i10 CD slot great. Sits on the dash in just the right place/position. Doesn't block clock/radio display or view out of window. Might buy another one for 2nd car.
This item looks the part is easy to fit solid fits my mobile brilliantly. The service was excellent the site is easy to use the item came on time would recommend the item and the site to anyone and will be using you agaain thanks alot its an ideal xmas present for such alow cost
does the job perfectly
i was sceptical about this mount to begin with thinking would it stay securely attached to my cd slot and would it hold my new big iPhone whilst driving around in london with all its pot holes and speed bumps. i needed not to worry as it does both perfectly. the iPhone stays on without a problem even with a case and the mount attaches to the cd slot firmly without a problem. being a london cabbie I'm on the roads a lot more than most people and having had this for over a week i have yet to have any problems with and i don't expect any for the foreseeable future. i would highly recommend this for any one who has a big phone and doesn't like attaching mounts to windscreens.
Brilliant best Phone cradle out
Since upgrading to an iPhone 6plus I found I was at a lose were to put it in the car, it was to big to go were the iPhone 5 lived. I saw this and I liked the fact it did not stick to the windscreen or the dashboard and there was no sticky pads or screws.

Simple great idea to use the cd slot its stable phone is held securely it does wobble or shake it's easy to use in the cradle its a simple idea that does a great job for what it was made for.

I ended up buying a second one two days later when my son saw it and had the same issue were to put his 6. He also thinks it's a great idea.

Buy one you won't regret it it's well made and holds your phone securely
An excellent device needing one or two more refinements.
When taking this device out the packaging, it felt well built which it is. It fitted into the CD slot fine and was firm. I have a nexus 4 mobile with Ringke Fusion protection and when this sits in portrait mode the vibration and motion of the car allows it to work down. The side grip could be more intense. I found this disappointing and irritating after its write up online. What I do like is the manoeuvrability to place in landscape mode and to move such at different angles. When in landscape mode it is fine, as it is supported vertically as opposed to just at the sides when in portrait mode. I think it is a good buy though and with a favourable price.
Excellent piece of kit
The excitement of taking delivery of my new iPhone 6 Plus soon wore off when I thought about what exactly I was going to do with it whilst driving as there was no way it was going to fit in my windscreen mounted holder! I knew it was going to take something a bit more robust to support the bigger handset and saw the Exogear TouchCD on MobileFun which looked like it would do the trick. Exogear stuff is always high quality and this is no different, easy to fit and operates exactly as it shows on the video. I have since bought another two as my wife and daughter were so impressed with mine. For any phone/phablet this is what you need for your car.
This I s an excellent piece of kit . It is do easy to fit and provides a surprisingly stable platform fir your phone . I bought this to enable me to use my S4 as a sat it enables you to easily switch from horizontal to vertical views quickly if required a great piece of kit worth every penny
Excellent mobile mount
Installation was a no-brainer. And the product work perfectly, holding my mobile phone in any orientation. Unlike those suction mounts, I never have to worry about leaving a circular stain on my windscreen/dashboard, or the mount coming off by accident. While it sits a lot lower than what we might be used to with typical suction mounts, it actually makes it easier to access and keeps my dashboard looking clean and uncluttered.
Excellent phone holder design
Simple, easy to install and use. Responsible and fast follower up from the seller when they actually delivered the wrong model....They got it replace with the correct model within a week. Thumbs up!
The best phone holder you will ever need
I bought this as a replacement tony dash mount phone holder that I also bought from mobile fun but about 4-5 years ago and was just loosing it's hold.
I found out about the cd drive phone holders in ine of mobile funs mailers and knew that would be perfect for me as I never use the vid drive in my car anymore.

I did order the cheaper one but they had none in stock so I purchased the Exogear model, it's very well made no cheap plastic fittings and comes in nice packaging.

The bit that goes in the cd drive just slides in no pushing or shoving and did no damage, I even had a cd in the player and made no difference to how it fit in the space.

There is a thumb screw on the other side which holds the holder firm and tight into the cd drive.

My phone does just clip into the phone holder and the videos for the device do, do it justice there's no lie it's just clips in and with one hand you can unclip it.

The single only downfall was that the iPhone 5c is a little to smooth on the rubber grips and so slides down when driving. This was fixed by buying a cover for my phone and now it's just perfect.

My phone for sat nav is at a good angle and can even get in a quick text in the position it's in.
Excellent product
Have purchased 2/3 different types of phone holders in the past, they either kept falling off the dashboard or windscreen, saw this type, but was a bit unsure about damaging CD slot on company van, but very wrong it clips in and out so easy, holds my phone in both horizontal and vertical position, and very securely, best phone holder to date.
I love this product. I have a big device, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and finding suitable cradle hasn't always been easy. This cradle definitely fits and keeps the device secure but without being too tight and putting pressure on my phone. I hadn't seen many reviews from people with larger devices like mine, which is why I thought I'd do this review to let people know that it works and fits perfectly. If you have an even bigger device, I don't believe it would fit for those. The only thing I haven't been as happy about is using my Samsung Flip Case with the product. The case isn't bulky at all, and when you flip the cover to the back of the phone to leave the screen accessible whilst docked, the holder isn't as secure. It fits still, just. But I feel it isn't as safe with this on, so I take the case off and put the normal back cover on when I get in the car and change it back when I get out. That is the only negative thing I can say about this product. Other than that (which isn't a huge issue, just a little more time consuming) this product is great. Easy to install, easy to use and in the perfect position for my phone to be docked but out the way of my view and much easier to access to pick up a call and etc. Brilliant idea, brilliant product. Shipping was fairly quick too!
At Last
I have been looking for a dashboard mount to use with two iPhones that would not leave marks anywhere, not obstruct vision and most importantly not vibrate so much that vision was impaired. I use my phone with a brilliant Satnav app and this holder has served every wish that I had, It is simple to install/remove and just does exactly what it promises even on a slopping CD fascia - infinitely adjustable and rock solid.
Spot on
Gets the phone off the window and out of your field of vision and places it in a space that is otherwise wasted. Quick and easy to remove phone, holds Galaxy note 3 perfectly.
Great idea for making use of the CD player.
I got the Exomount Touch a few days ago and thought that was excellent. Then I spotted the Exomount Touch CD.

I don't use CDs in the car as I stream all of my music using my phone which is paired with the car's stereo system via Bluetooth (Kia Pro Cee'd).

The Touch CD arrived today and I can't rate it highly enough. I thought the dash mounted Touch was brilliant but this is on another level. It took a little bit of force to initially slot it into the CD player but not enough to cause any damage. Once secured it's rock solid.

Ingenious device to make use of what was, for me, a defunct CD Player.

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