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Synchronise and charge your USB-C compatible smartphone with the stylish, useful and compact VoltDock desktop dock from 4smarts. This handy dock also doubles as a desk stand, allowing you to display your device in pride of place on any flat surface.
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Bit tricky to fit onto, but it works!
This is a universal stand, so it's not fine-tuned to the dimensions of the phone I'm using on it. So it can be a wee bit tricky with my BlackBerry Key 2; it's probably better with other phones. I'm quite satisfied with it for the price I paid!
USB-C Desktop Charger ?
Desktop Charge that is small and attractive on your desk. The phone connector is USB-C - the retained cable has a USB A Connector on the end - would require USB-C connector.
Requires USB A Wall charger.
Excellent dock
This dock is exactly what I was looking for! Fits my Moto Z2 Force with a case on, my case is pretty thin, and it still has plenty of room.
only one thing to say it fits the Samsung A9 so does what is says in the review
Charging problem solved
It doesn't charge my phone for more than a minute by USB to PC, but it does sync. I solved the charging by plugging it directly into a USB mains plug. Not ideal but it works.
Only charges for a minute
Really disappointed with this. Great for holding phone upright but it only charges for one minute then cuts out. A direct cable is far better at this. And it's expensive on this site. Sorry, but I feel hard done by.
I like it
Works great, even with my poetic case on my phone. Exactly what I wanted
Cool idea
Only charges if you hold phone into charger. not standalone
Could not be happier with this product, looks good functions superbly.
Works well except . . .
I like that it can balance my large Huawei P20 Pro. A couple of minor annoyances. The phone has a gap between being perfectly centered on the USB-C and the back. This is with the Huawei clear case attached. I don't want any stress on the connection. I stuck foam pad strips on the dock back to fill in that gap. Another one is, I cannot press my figure print sensor to unlock because it is mostly covered by the from lip of the stand.
Nothing really
Great item
Great item, can sometimes be a little fiddly to line up my oneplus 5 but great once docked in place.
That it does not sit correctly on the charging point, it takes me upto a minute to get it charging as it is nigh on impossible to align it correctly. If i could change it for something else i would.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jon

Sorry to hear you had problems. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate this issue further.

Can you please let us know what's USB mains adapter or other source you are using for power and the device you own.
Bought three of these for my new OnePlus 6 one failed after a few days.
Good product
Look good and works well
Well constructed but doesn't support fast-charging
Of a higher caliber in terms of looks and construction than most aftermarket docks, but disappointingly doesn't support Fast Charge on Google Pixel and LG V30. The captive cable terminates in a standard usb plug, so the cable can't be replaced with two-sided USB-C that comes bundled with most newer phones that support Fast-charging. If charging speed isn't an issue then go for it.
Very good stand/charger.
Does the job and provides a convenient place to keep the phone and keep it charged.
Phone Dock
Well made, small and neat, service was excellent but I do find with the case on my Huawei P10 Plus with genuine Huawei case was a bit at first a challenge getting the phone jacked in, but now quite good
good product
product is as listed, price was acceptable, delivery times acceptable
Intentions are good if you don't have a case!
I thought it would be a great idea to buy the Charge and Sync Dock. However, I found that I could not just dock with my phone in the case!

I have to remove the phone from the case (Ottobox Strada) as this prevents docking and making the connection!

I know that I may be being picky and lazy but I hate to keep removing the phone from the case. Also, I am not sure if the frequency of doing this will stretch the case, in time, to not allow a snug fix and risk the phone falling out!

If you are happy with removing your phone then it's great!

If not, just use the USB cable to charge with the phone cover on!

Great product
Item arrived within days of ordering. Opened the package to find a great small charger for HTC phone with a usb-c connection. Once fully charged the phone is in trickle mode. The phone stays upright during calls and other manual operations. Very happy.

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