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LuMee Duo iPhone 8 Double-Sided Lighting Case - Black

LuMee Duo iPhone 8 Double-Sided Lighting Case - Black


Product part number: L2-IP7-BLK

Product reference: 65226

Lumee have further developed the smartphone photography game with the Duo for iPhone 8 - Double Sided Lighting Case. With front and rear LED lighting, you'll now be able to capture the perfect photo with either your front or back camera.

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LuMee Duo iPhone 7 / 6S / 6 Double-sided Lighting Case - Black 

Professional studio quality lighting

Developed by a photographer after being frustrated with seeing poorly lit faces of friends and family on video calls and imagery, the LuMee Duo iPhone 8 Case has been designed to offer professional studio quality lighting. Unlike any other case on the market, the Duo features two strips of LEDs on the front and rear of the case, which provide warm and natural lighting, meaning you can capture that perfect shot, just how you want it. So whether you're an enthusiast, photographer or cinematographer, the Lumee Duo is the perfect photography accessory and case. 

LuMee Duo iPhone 8 Double-sided Lighting Case - Black

Sleek and slim design

To ensure you can take the perfect selfie or photo with ease, the Duo iPhone case features a slim and lightweight design, which also means when fitted to your iPhone, minimal bulk is added. 

Where's my...

LuMee Duo shines ever brighter everyday. From lighter, sharper and better quality selfies and photos, using FaceTime or putting on makeup, LuMee Duo is there for you. But one obvious practical use you may want to consider is using LuMee to find things in the dark. Or using it as a torch if you like. Is the remote underneath the sofa? Did you just drop your keys there? Need to read something in the dark? LuMee Duo isn't just for great smartphone photography, it's great for finding your belongings too.

Variable dimmer - get the right amount of light

Of course, you won't always need the same amount of light for every situation. As with the original design, you'll be able to find the right amount of light in any situation with the built in variable dimmer control. Once you have turned on the light, simply hold down the on/off button to achieve the perfect light for your surroundings.

Tougher and more durable plastic casing protects against shocks and drops

Yes, the double lighting is the main selling point here but the LuMee Duo is, of course, a case and a case must protect the phone. With a tough and durable casing, similar to that of the Lumee Duo, you can be assured that your iPhone 8 is well protected against the everyday wear and tear you can throw at it, plus some drop protection too which will withstand drops from waist level without any damages.

LuMee Duo iPhone 8 Double-sided Lighting Case - Black

Soft yet strong raised TPU edges

Featuring raised edges, the Duo iPhone 8 ensures your phone is protected against grit and dirt when placed face down on a flat surface.

Rechargeable battery and charger

Don't worry, you won't drain your iPhone's battery because, in actual fact, the power does not even come from your phone's battery but instead has it's own power supply! Regardless of your phone's battery, your LuMee Duo will always shine bright. The case will stay lit at the lowest brightness for about 36 hours.

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